Motorcycle Tool Kits – What You Need To Know Before Your Purchase One

There’s something about that feeling when driving down an open road on a motorcycle. It’s totally different compared to driving a car. A lot would say that it would feel more raw, free, and liberating. However, a simple motorcycle malfunction could lead to you being stuck on the road. And that could easily turn a fun time into a terrible experience. It’s the reason why you should always carry a motorcycle tool kit, especially if you are planning to drive for long distances.

In this article, you’ll learn most of what you need to know about motorcycles tool kits, including the types, what to look for, and the top brands.

Types Of Motorcycle Tool Kits

Motorcycle tool kits come in different shapes and forms, and it’s best that you know the most common types, so shopping for one would be less confusing.

* Roll-up – this type of kit needs to be rolled up or down so you can gain access to your tools. It’s generally made of unique fabric or leather. It’s popular for many bikers as it’s very portable and easy to store on your bike. On the downside, your tools are not very protected.

* Hard Case – as the name suggests, this kit comes in a hard case. This means that your tools are much more protected. On top of that, you have access to a wider variety of tools, making your task a lot easier. The downside with a hard case took kit is that it’s usually bulky and heavier. Furthermore, fitting it into your motorcycle can be challenging.

* Multi-Tool – this kind of tool kit carries some of the unique products out there. The idea is that each tool can do more stuff by making a few adjustments. This allows you to carry less stuff while not sacrificing functionality. The downside with this kit is that it’s usually more expensive because it often carries innovative items.

Notable Brands

If you have don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to motorcycle tool kits, then it’s hard to make a mistake by relying on big brands. Of course, you can always get better value by choosing lesser-known brands. However, that would entail a lot of research because there are more bad toolmakers than good ones. Hence, it’s a lot easier to make a mistake when choosing unknown brands. When it comes to motorcycle tool kits, below are a few brands to keep in mind.

Biker’s Choice

Biker’s Choice was started in 1971 with the original name of “New England Motor Parts Company.” By 1984, the company was renamed to the present Biker’s Choice. The company is known for its quality products and replacement parts. Their roll-up tool kit is especially popular among bikers.


CruzTOOLs is part of the CycoActive company. They are based in Seattle, Washington. CycoActive is known for producing a myriad of gears that center around light and fast dual sport motorcycles. The SKHD SPEEDKIT is one of the best compact tool kits in the market.

Pit Posse

Pit Posse is a company that is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida. They started in 2003. The company mostly sells motorcycle tools and accessories. They have one of the most innovative and compact multi-purpose tools in the market, and it’s known as the Pit Posse PP2828H Harley Davidson Folding Tool Set 12.

Price Range And Performance – What To Expect

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, which is mostly also true for motorcycle tool kits. Below are the things you can expect depending on the price range.

* Less Than $100 – there are tool kits out there that are very cheap, and may even cost you less than $20. However, at such prices, that may be too low that the manufacturer could be cutting too many corners. It’s either the quality is very bad and/or the included tools are not enough. If you want an affordable toolset that performs reasonably well, then the kit should be at least $30.

* More Than $100 – with a budget of more than $100, you can easily get a high-quality and dependable tool set. However, you could also quickly overspend if you are not mindful. Another thing that you need to know is that the more expensive the tool kit, the more tools it will usually include. And, this would mean that the portability factor would lessen.

What To Look For

When choosing a motorcycle took kit, there are three things that you always need to keep in mind, and these are:

* Included Tools – when it comes to the motorcycle tool kit, you are trying to find the right balance between enough tools and portability. At the very least, the tool kit should include an adjustable wrench, pliers, a flathead screwdriver, and an Allen wrench. You might also want to have other emergency essentials such as a tire repair kit, zip ties, battery cables, and a flashlight. Lastly, make sure that the tools you are purchasing are compatible with the motorcycle you are using.

* Quality – generally, the more expensive the tool kit, the material quality will also be better. High-quality materials will last longer, and there’s a lesser chance the material will break when you apply pressure. However, the better the quality, the more expensive it will be. Hence, you may want to strike a balance between affordability vs. durability in relation to your budget.

* Size – since you are carrying the tool kit with you, size will always play an important role. The advantage of having bigger-sized tools is that you can apply more leverage, making your task easier. On the downside, larger-sized tools will be heavier to carry around. So you want the right size that is large enough to make your tasks easier while also not getting too heavy for you.

Wrapping It All Up

Your motorcycle could malfunction at any time while you are on the road. Hence, it’s always best to carry a motorcycle tool kit that could help remedy the situation so you can get on your way. Hopefully, this article has provided enough information, so it’ll be easier to find the right motorcycle tool kit for you.